Photo Gallery

ETTE Ministries' First Church Building ETTE Ministries' First Church Building First Building For ETTE Ministries 190808253 190808254 Front Window To Church 190809787 Entrance To Building 190809789 Pastor's Office Door & Bathrooms 190809790 Frontside of Building 190809794 Side of Building Driveway to Back 190809795 Sanctuary Before Renovation 190809776 Fellowship Hall Before Renovation 190809777 Pastor's Bathroom Before Renovation 190809778 Kitchen Before Renovation 190809779 Pastor inspecting renovation 190809770 Renovation of Building 190809772 Renovation 190809775 190809774 Renovation 190809781 Renovation 190809785 Pastor's Office 190809784 Foyer with outer windows 190809786 Pastor Talking To Owner of Building 190809792 Pastor making inspection of progress 190809796 Progress of Renovation 190809797 No More Carpet & Wall Down 190809799 Progress For the Kitchen 190809801 Progress For Fellowship Hall 190809802 Fellowship Hall Progress 190809805 Sanctuary Progress 190809803 Sanctuary Progress 190809804 In The Neighborhood 190810936 In The Neighborhood 190810937 In The Neighborhood 190810938 In The Neighborhood 190810939 In The Neighborhood 190810941 In The Neighborhood 190810943 In The Neighborhood 190810944 In The Neighborhood 190810945 Two by fours are looking good! Onward with the vision! 191468007 Vision in progress Praise the Lord! 191468006 And the wall came up Glory to God! Two by fours never looked so good! 191468008 The Light of God Shinning Through Foyer leading the the offices. 191468009 Pastor and Owner Words of encouragement. 191468010 First signs of the walls The vision is materializing more. 191468011 Sancturary Things are looking good! We will have everything in by Thursday. Easter is Sunday.God is good! 191468005 New walls are up Walls separating the sanctuary and foyer. Nursery will come later. 191468012 Inside sancturary with walls Almost done! We will begin praying in the sanctuary very early. We want God's glory in His house. 191468013 Inside sancturary with walls We are working against time. Check back for updates! 191468014 Foyer Coat rack will go on back wall. 191468016 Foyer Name of church and operating hours will go on windows. 191468017 Moving the Paino Airmens from the Base helps Pastor move the paino to the church. 191622045 Piano In New Building Pastor plays for the Airmens. 191622046 Stages of the Kitchen 191622043 First Stage of Our Church Sign 191622044 One Day before Easter Assembling 60 new chairs for the sanctuary. 191622048 We have a work system now! 191622049 Evangelist Campbell Working 191622050 Deacon Campbell Hard at Work 191622051 Pastor Rountree at Work Thank Jesus for Holy Ghost strenght! 191622052 Mother Rountree at Work Thank the Lord for the Holy Ghost! 191622053 We are Half way there! 191622054 Sanctuary We are ready for our first service in the building! Thank you Lord for Your presence! 191622055 Talents from the Lord 191622056 Pulpit's First Stages 191622057 Fellowship Hall is Looking Good! We have more work to come. 191622058 Storage is Coming Along. 191622060 Sitting Area In Foyer Coming Along 191622063 Pastor's Office Coming Along 191622061 Testing and Checking Every Place 191622040 Checking The Glory! 191622041 Too Tired For Words. 191622064 Church Name Now the neighborhood knows who we are and our operation hours, glory be to God! 192268381